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5 Most In-Demand Tech Skills In IT
5 Most In-Demand Tech Skills In IT
Posted Date:11-09-2014 Courtesy:
The tech sector is booming, which means so are its support roles. In order for businesses to grow, it has become essential for them to focus their resources on digital strategies, and this is having a positive impact on the employment opportunities of marketing professionals with a technology background. So if you’re in a dilemma to select the most in-demand marketing tech skills which is really important right now, read on further to know more, as reported by CIO.

Front End Development

Front end developer is mainly responsible for the production, modification and maintenance of websites and web application’s user interfaces. As the job involves working closely with development of the business process, developers who are looking to move into marketing should work more on their business skills to land up on this job.

Laura McGarrity, vice president of marketing at Mondo said, "A front end developer with an understanding of customer engagement, UI/UX, conversion rates on websites and lead generation is a far more valuable resource to a marketing team than a traditional front-end developer."

Mobile and App Development

No surprises in this skill because mobile app developers are in serious demand. The main reason for the rapid growth of this profession is a large increase in the use of Smartphones.  As marketing departments are looking for mobile developers, professionals with creative minds behind the software programs could be a right fit for this job because the applications these individuals develop allow people to do specific tasks on a computer or on the mobile platforms.  

"Mobile and app development, and some ecommerce functions, have been traditional IT roles for many years. However, the push for these roles within marketing is all underpinned by the need for greater customer engagement and external marketing initiatives that directly impact revenue," said McGarrity.

Ecommerce and Digital

Even though ecommerce and digital marketing skills falls evenly into the area of marketing, individuals looking to gain this skill need a deeper understanding of internet users behaviors and the technical skills necessary to implement and execute on business prospective.

McGarrity said, "CMOs and marketing executives must shift their focus to the world of digital marketing and expand their teams with the resources necessary to support the latest web, mobile, automated and integrated marketing technologies." She further added that, "Without the skilled resources to create, test, and execute these marketing strategies, companies will get left behind."

Marketing Operations

With different departments handling different segments of the overall digital marketing strategy, it's very important to have someone with the skills to coordinate and handle day-to-day marketing operations to ensure business objectives are being met.

McGarrity said, "The difference in the skills sets that marketing executivess want within the roles is an understanding of the importance of translating marketing strategies to online digital experiences."


With the emerging need of an online presence for each and every business, no matter what forte they belong to, search engine optimization and search engine marketing skills will play an important role in helping companies bring more people to their sites and sell more of their products and services. With SEO/SEM becoming a fundamental requirement for companies, it is vital for individuals to adapt to the changes and always be in the know, or else organizations will quickly find themselves playing catch-up.
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