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5 Indian Cities Top The List In Attracting Global IT Talent
5 Indian Cities Top The List In Attracting Global IT Talent
Posted Date:10-09-2014 Courtesy:
Determining the best cities on the global front is not an easy task. Not only are cities constantly growing and evolving, but it is also extremely hard to measure subjective preference. But to answer all this constrains 5 Indian have scored high in IT talent survey based on the percentage of new residents with technology skills is in India.

According to the LinkedIn study, Bangalore, Pune, Hyderabad and Chennai topped the list, with Gurgaon coming in at the end. The ranking was entirely based on an analysis of the geographic movements of the social networking site's 300 million members, and it was then categorized looking at every new position added to their profiles between November 2012 and November 2013.

The other states that bagged fifth to ninth positions included San Francisco Bay, Seattle, Austin, Melbourne and Sydney respectively. Additionally, all these five Indian cities contributed to a major chunk of India's overall IT revenues and the tech jobs created in these cities were projected much higher than many other global locations.

Nishant Rao, country manager at LinkedIn said, "Nearly two-thirds of Indians are under 35 and mobility never comes in the way of career decisions." The study is a great validation of the strategic importance of India.” He also further added that "Finally we have the scale and the talent. But it's important for CEOs and management teams to try and proactively use technology across areas including their hiring strategy, empowering the workforce and moving from quantity-based to quality-based processes."
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