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Miserable at work place? Planning for job change
Miserable at work place? Planning for job change
Posted Date:10-09-2014 Courtesy:
Are you feeling Miserable at work place? You hate your Boss, you hate your colleagues, you abhor your work and you are feeling the agony to work there, do you never feel active getting up and about to work on Mondays? These are the sound reasons to be unhappy in work. If you keep on to take part any above situations, you can ensure that you are feeling uneasy to work there. It's the time to do something like without leaving the current job solve the problem or quit the job.

When you are feeling unhappy at your workplace and when you are supposed to leave your job first determine why you are unhappy? You ask yourself few questions which gives you clarity. If you like the work and pinpointing other issues as a problem, try to resolve these issues before quitting your job. Now a day, finding a good job is a difficult task. So be careful don't take hasty decisions. If you can find the reasons for your unhappy use the advises and turn your position which favors you.

Are you feeling that you have stuck in your job? Then you are expecting a promotion. Before shifting your job first you look around your company. If you want to explore your expectations to your boss, talk to your boss and make sure that you are right. Ask about better opportunities for lateral moves and Take initiative for learning new things. Most work places value the people who learn new things for growth.

When you feel that you are unappreciated in your job and feeling that your boss is not recognizing your efforts. Tell your boss that you like his/her input about how he examines your work. Tell the boss that you would like to sit with him to get feedback whether it is good or bad, so that you can improve our selves.

When you say that working hours is too long, the main reason is that you are overloaded with your responsibility. Discuss with your boss about your workload and take suggestions and ideas on a way to organize and prioritize your workload. From this you can feel free.

If you feel boring and unchallenged in your job quitting is not a better option. Motivate yourself by attending a career related conferences this show you the importance of your profession or become a mentor yourself this will give you a better change. If you couldn't find the proper answer, try to be challenged physically through walking, running and meditation.
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