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10 Signs Your Interviewer is Not Listening to You
10 Signs Your Interviewer is Not Listening to You
Most times after our job interviews, we tend to think repeatedly about the conversations that took place during the interview and try to figure out how our performance was during the course of the interview? Certain questions pop in our mind like, were my answers satisfactory? Did the interviewers like me? How likely am I to bag the offer? Etc. However, you can very well track how the interview went based on the recruiter’s delivery of sentences, and behavior. According to Alison Green, of U.S. News Money, listed below are the signs that the interviewer isn't that into you.

1. Recruiter says that the organization is talking with many applicants: The very first indication that suggests that the recruiter is not much interested to hire you is when the recruiter mentions that the company is talking with a lot of candidates. Keep in mind that a delivery of such kind of a sentence is an effort of the recruiter to compress your hopes for the job.

2. Glancing email, texting, or looking bored: If the interviewer looks bored or if he is busy checking his emails or texting suggest that he is not very much impressed with your interview. In certain scenario this can also be a sign that the person who is interviewing you is not a good recruiter as he is detached for reasons that have nothing to do with you.

3. Being Indistinct: Generally good recruiters ensure that intelligent candidates who are right fit for the job is familiar with the fact that what they can expect to happen or hear next. There are many thoughtless interviewers in most organizations who do not make it clear to the candidate about their next step but remember that if an interviewer is impressed with you he will definitely make it clear to you that what will be their next step.

4. Unconcerned:  In spite of mentioning in the interview that you might get another offer, if the interviewer seems unconcerned means that he is not interested to hire you, as a recruiter who is impressed with you and wants to hire you will definitely look bothered if he finds out that they are likely to lose a good candidate who is quite eligible for the position.

5. Highlighting on areas where you lack skills:  Your interviewer is sure to give you a hint that he is not much interested to hire you, if he repeatedly talks about that the organization necessitate for someone with skills in X, when you primarily have skills in Y.

6. Interrupting you: Remember, that interruption is not a good sign, as it may indicate, that you have been confused, or the recruiter has simply lost interest on you. In case if you feel that the interviewer is not interested in you and is trying to interrupt you make sure that you suddenly change the topic.

7. Quickly concluding the interview: In most cases, it is seen, that if the interviewer is not interested to hire a candidate, he is more inclined to end the interview as soon as possible because the interviewer thinks that there is no point in dragging the interview in which the candidate is not fit for the offer.

8. Hurrying you: Recruiters, generally tend to make sure, that the strong candidate’s questions, are answered pleasingly, if a recruiter finds that you are not a right fit for the offer, and then they may rush you through your own questions.

9. Expressing concerns directly: Sentences like "I think you might have problem with A" or "I am worried that you don't have more experience in B". Also suggest that the recruiter is not much interested in hiring you.

10. Advising you career suggestions: Many times it is seen that if the recruiter finds that the candidate is not suitable for the offer then they start giving that candidate career advice, suggesting him the ways to become a stronger candidate. In such scenario you should definitely listen to the feedback given by him which can benefit you in your next job interview.