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(C++ )More Interview Questions C++

What is a modifier?

What is an accessor?

Differentiate between a template class and class template.

When does a name clash occur?

Define namespace?

What is the use of  using  declaration.?

What is an Iterator class?

List out some of the OODBMS available?

List out some of the object-oriented methodologies.

What is an incomplete type?

What is a dangling pointer?

Differentiate between the message and method.?

What is an adaptor class or Wrapper class?

What is a Null object?

What is class invariant?

What do you mean by Stack unwinding?

Define precondition and post-condition to a member function.?

What are the conditions that have to be met for a condition to be an invariant of the class?

What are proxy objects?

Name some pure object oriented languages.?

Name the operators that cannot be overloaded.?

What is a node class?

What is an orthogonal base class?

What is a container class? What are the types of container classes?

What is a protocol class?

What is a mixin class?

What is a concrete class?

What is the handle class?

What is an action class?

When can you tell that a memory leak will occur?

What is a parameterized type?

Differentiate between a deep copy and a shallow copy?

What is an opaque pointer?

What is a smart pointer?

What is reflexive association?

What is slicing?

What is name mangling?

What are proxy objects?

What is cloning?

Describe the main characteristics of static functions.?

Will the inline function be compiled as the inline function always? Justify?

Define a way other than using the keyword inline to make a function inline.?

How can a  ::  operator be used as unary operator?

What is placement new?

What do you mean by analysis and design?

What are the steps involved in designing?

What are the main underlying concepts of object orientation?

What do u meant by "SBI" of an object?

Differentiate persistent & non-persistent objects?

What do you meant by active and passive objects?

What is meant by software development method?

What do you meant by static and dynamic modeling?

How to represent the interaction between the modeling elements?

Why generalization is very strong?

Differentiate Aggregation and containment?

Can link and Association applied interchangeably?

What is meant by "method-wars"?

Whether unified method and unified modeling language are same or different?

Who were the three famous amigos and what was their contribution to the object community?

Differentiate the class representation of Booch, Rumbaugh and UML?

What is an USECASE? Why it is needed?

Who is an Actor?

What is guard condition?

Differentiate the following notations?

USECASE is an implementation independent notation. How will the designer give the

implementation details of a particular USECASE to the programmer?

Suppose a class acts an Actor in the problem domain, how to represent it in the static


Why does the function arguments are called as "signatures"?